Lemon Scented Detangling Comb

  • £18.70

A fresh take on detangling combs is now available from Ibiza Hair!

The Lemon Scented Detangling Comb leaves a subtle aromatic fragrance to the hair and the environment it inhabits.

Combing the hair adds a hint of natural lemon scent to the users hair and olfactory senses.

Can be used on wet or dry hair and are excellent for combing in conditioner while in the shower or using with an iron once hair is dry.

Ibiza Hair’s scented graphite combs are heat resistant and highly flexible to glide through the hair effortlessly.

The lemon scented detangling comb is an excellent dry cutting comb as the sparse teeth leave a natural jagged texture to the hair and the flexibility allows for contouring to the shape of the head for scissor over comb.

Naturally antimicrobial, these combs are great for the clutch, gym bag, vanity, bathroom, salons and of course the hair.

Hand made in Italy.