IBIZA HAIR BRUSHES - FIT FOR ROYALTY? Kate Middleton thinks so!

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Kate's Hair Secrets Revealed!

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has had her haircare secrets revealed by her hairdresser Amanda Cook Tucker.

Amanda Cook Tucker took to her private Instagram account to share a picture of a whole host of hair products, including 13 different hair brushes, six combs, three sets of curling irons and straighteners, and two hairdryers.

The snap was captioned: "Think that's everything! #worktrip #packing

We are obsessed with Kate and her ever-gorgeous, always-perfect bouncy brunette locks, thats why we were so excited to see one of our Ibiza Brushes in the snap!

Can you spot the dark bristle Ibiza brushes? We can!

We always knew our Ibiza Hair brushes were fit for royalty...



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